Our quest towards drug testing industry leadership

There’s no universal standard for measuring industry leadership, and thus, while every good company should strive for it, it’s nearly impossible for any single provider to declare themselves the undisputed industry leader. Metrics for leadership can encompass any number of variables including brand recognition, certifications, customer satisfaction, market share, network size, number of employees, price, product line, profitability, revenue, safety ratings, speed to market, stock price, and dozens more. As we examine our position within the drug testing industry, we continually assess all of these criteria.

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At its core, employer drug testing is a pretty simple business. We provide results to our clients so that they can make more better informed business decisions. Studies show that drug users may impart a number of adverse impacts onto the companies for which they work. These risks can include greater absenteeism and downtime; a higher risk for theft, accidents, injury, medical spend and workers compensation claims; increased turnover and re-staffing costs; and decreased productivity and moral. By providing insights in the form of drug test results, we help our clients to make decisions that mitigate these risks.

In 2012 we launched a campaign that changed the way we think about our business. Our We’re There When You Need Us message outlines our commitment: “We pride ourselves on being there through thick and thin. At every turn, we’re there ensuring that your program runs smoothly. We’re there with convenient services and an extensive network to save you time and money. We’re there when you need answers or advice. We’re there when you make a desperate phone call at the end of a hectic day. Simply put, we’re there when you need us. It’s not just part of our job; it’s how we’re wired. We have an innate desire to please. Our success is tied to your success.” 

As we work towards industry leadership, the barometers by which we measure our progress aren’t just those quantitative benchmarks outlined in the first paragraph. We also continually examine a number of key elements unique to our operation that enable us to perform the foundational service of our business – providing drug test results to our clients. And furthermore, we assess each one through the lens of our campaign commitment by asking ‘to what degree would our clients agree that we are demonstrating we’re there when you need us?’

For a number of our client contacts, drug testing may not be their only, or perhaps even their main responsibility. To that end, our broader objective goes beyond simply providing drug test results, instead we also aim to provide information in a timely, consistent, error-free, easy-to-understand, actionable, simple to manage fashion. Doing so enables our contacts to be successful in their matrixed roles. As our we’re there commitment says, our success is tied to their success, and we believe that an industry leader should do everything possible to position its clients for continual success.

Over the upcoming weeks, we’ll feature each of the five drivers of industry leadership — broad access, robust products, reliable testing, online solutions and exceptional service. We will describe each one, detail what it means to be a leader, and highlight the actions we’re taking on our quest to establish a position of industry leadership.

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