Industry leadership – Robust products

When it comes to robust products, an industry leader should be able to provide its customers with a wide array of options. While there will always be niche providers who specialize in a particular segment of the market, more often than not, the industry leader will offer a broad mix of products that cater to a variety customer requirements.

Specimen AdvantagesAutomobile manufacturers, for example, seem to have ‘robust products’ pretty well figured out. Industry leaders offer a complete lineup that often includes everything from compact cars to pickup trucks. Furthermore, each type of vehicle has options that range from basic to fully-loaded.

Much like leading automobile manufacturers offer a portfolio of vehicles that allow customers to choose exactly what they want, so it is with drug testing, in that industry leaders should offer a full range of specimen-type options including urine, oral fluid, hair and instant testing. Each product or specimen type presents a unique set of advantages, and matching the strengths of a particular product with a specific goal or set of goals, enables you to select the ideal product(s) for your specific testing scenario. The chart below highlights the specific advantages of each specimen type.

We offer each of these drug testing specimen types because our thousands of active clients represent a broad range of industries, company sizes, geographies, and therefore drug testing program goals. In the same way that automobile manufacturers offer different options, so too should drug testing providers in the form of the panels that are tested on each specimen type. For example, the standard regulated urine panel tests for five drugs – amphetamines, cocaine, marijuana, opiates and PCP. As the industry standard, our oral fluid, hair and instant tests screen for the same five drugs. But just like some drivers want options like leather seats or a sunroof, some employers want to test for drugs beyond the standard five panel – drugs such as EtG (alcohol), expanded opiates (prescription drugs), synthetic cannabinoids (K2/Spice), synthetic cathinones (bath salts), cotinine (tobacco) and steroids can be tested using a urine sample, and as we move forward, in other specimen types as well.

While innovation is essential as it enables drug tests to keep pace with the types of drugs that are being used, not all innovation is created equal. In the same way that the quality of an automobile can vary based upon the quality control protocols of the manufacturer, the same can be said for drug testing – not all tests, products, facilities, research and development (R&D) practices and analytes are created equal. When it comes down to product and process quality, industry leaders perform testing in certified laboratories, leveraging established procedures, using U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reviewed and cleared testing products.

At Quest Diagnostics, our broad product portfolio, our ongoing R&D efforts aimed at launching new tests, and our adherence to the highest quality standards all work together to demonstrate our we’re there when you need us commitment. These best practices establish the foundation for each of our testing products, which in turn, allow you to build and to drive a robust, customized, reliable drug testing program at your company.

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