Over the past five weeks, we’ve outlined the key components of Our Quest Towards Drug Testing Industry Leadership. In our initial post, we shared an overview of what industry leadership means to us, and a key question by which we hold ourselves accountable – ‘to what degree would our clients agree that we are demonstrating we’re there when you need us?’

ServiceWe followed that initial post with a deeper exploration of the key drivers of drug testing industry leadership:

  • Broad Access – An industry leader must provide an extensive network of collection sites and a variety of collection services and specimen delivery options.
  • Robust Products – An industry leader should maintain a comprehensive portfolio of dependable, continuously evolving products and services.
  • Reliable Testing – An industry leader will perform a significant number of tests, and should perform them accurately and in a nationwide network of laboratories which enable fast, consistent result turnaround times.
  • Online Solutions – An industry leader should invest in technology solutions that help to optimize program management and enhance the flow of information.

The fifth and final driver in our series on drug testing industry leadership is Exceptional Service. Unlike the four drivers listed above which focus on a specific area of our business, the quest for exceptional service pervades everything we do. When our collection sites, testing products, laboratory professionals and information technology solutions meet or exceed our customer’s expectations, that’s exceptional service. When our account management team builds and maintains productive relationships that delight their customer contacts, that’s exceptional service. When representatives in our National Customer Support Center answer the phone quickly and provide one-call resolution to customer inquiries, that’s exceptional service.

While we measure service levels by traditional metrics like average speed of calls answered, number of calls dropped and customer attrition, exceptional service is also something that we ask our clients to take an ongoing and active role in defining. Twice each year, we sample a portion our clients as part of our customer satisfaction survey. Our leadership team pours over the results, reading every word and looking for both positive trends and areas where we can improve. Then, we implement that feedback to make changes and improvements throughout our business. This is key. It’s one thing to gather and analyze customer perspectives, taking appropriate action on that feedback is often much more challenging, but it’s a challenge that industry leaders should commit themselves to taking.

Exceptional service will always be a key component of industry leadership and a critical driver of our commitment to show We’re There When You Need Us

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