New to drug testing: Customer satisfaction

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A few months ago, I had to purchase a new mobile phone. The process was more time consuming than I had hoped. The company originally sold me a phone that was defective and I had to take it back the next day to get a new one. Before I left the store, the employee asked if I would like to complete a satisfaction survey. I began to chuckle and thought to myself, “Do they really want to hear what I have to say right now?” As it turns out, they probably did.

Sometimes companies are misguided by the notion that customers depend on them.  When in reality, we rely on our customers. Research has shown that when a person is satisfied with a company or service they are likely to share their positive experience with one or two other people.  However, dissatisfied customers are likely to tell more than ten people about their suboptimal experience.

It didn’t take long for me to notice that Quest Diagnostics cares about the satisfaction of our clients. We go to long lengths to find out if they are not only satisfied with our products and services, but if they would recommend us to their colleagues. Along with our semiannual customer satisfaction survey, we also host several client forums throughout the year where clients can voice their opinions with other organizations. We take the feedback we receive and make modifications to our processes and products in an ongoing effort to better satisfy our clients.

After reviewing our customer satisfaction survey and understanding its purpose, I have a new-found respect for surveys. Thinking back on it, I wish I would’ve filled out that survey when I bought my phone. Maybe someone would’ve taken my feedback and improved the process and product for the next customer.

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As a new employee at Quest Diagnostics, there’s hardly a day that goes by that I don’t learn something new about the world of drug testing. Like some of you, I have a lot to learn about the industry. During my first year of employment, I’m going to write this weekly column highlighting drug testing procedures, products and processes as I discover them. To learn more about my journey, you can read my introductory post.