Express Results Online collection quality

ero-qualityAre you looking for an accurate result from an instant urine drug test? Do you want nearby, convenient collection sites to help streamline the donor experience? Would you like the added peace of mind that comes from confirmation testing that comes from an accredited laboratory?

Express Results Online collections render reliable, accurate results within minutes. Our nationwide collection site network is staffed with trained, professional collectors who consistently perform dependable drug test collections. Each collector follows a thorough, step-by-step protocol to help ensure that correct, complete information is captured during the drug test collection process. This standardized collection protocol helps to maintain the integrity of the entire process.

For the last several months, we have tracked our collection quality for every Express Results Online test ordered. Quality issues are noted when a collector makes an error, a donor is mistakenly turned away or when a supply problem is encountered. Factoring in results from thousands of tests, our collection quality averages 99.87%. Simply put, you can count on the Quest Diagnostics collection site network to deliver a near flawless collection experience for your donors.

Drug testing with Express Results Online is available nationwide*. Locating a convenient collection site for your candidates and employees is easy with our interactive online map. If you would like a collection site near you added to our network, please contact your Quest Diagnostics account representative.

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* Please note that some states do not permit instant drug testing or may have requirements and limitations that vary according to a state’s specific laws.