Drug test collections – scheduling just got easier

Part of your responsibility as an employer may be to maintain a drug testing program. One of the most critical parts of a program requires getting prospective or current employees (also referred to as donors) to complete a drug test appointment at a collection site. The process is simple enough, but we’ve found a way to make it more convenient for you and your donors.

As we adapt to our changing world, the safety of collection site employees, patients, and donors continues to be top priority. We took a hard look at what is most important at a site, a consistent experience for those coming in to take a drug test and active promotion of social distancing measures, and we are rolling out a new dynamic appointment scheduling experience.

This new scheduling focuses on having the right staffing available when appointments are scheduled to maximize available appointments. And for those patients and donors who walk in without an appointment, they will engage with a new flow, where they can Schedule at Check-in, eliminating the guesswork of when their turn will come up.

What is “Schedule at Check-in”?

Quest Diagnostics is moving to a service model where appointments are strongly encouraged at our Patient Service Centers (PSC). Appointments will receive priority service. Walk-ins will be accommodated during the next available appointment opening but cannot be guaranteed same-day service. As we roll this out throughout 2021, more appointment slots will be opened at PSCs to accommodate patients.

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How does “Schedule at Check-in” work?

Schedule at Check-in ensures every patient and donor receives a known time of service instead of an estimated wait time. When checking in at the kiosk in the PSC, the new Shedule at Check-in feature prompts walk-ins with the next available service times and allows them to select one. This means patients may be able to be seen right away or later in the day.

How will “Schedule at Check-in” benefit your drug testing donors?

  • Provides donors with a known time of service instead of an estimated wait time
  • Delivers a more efficient visit with quicker service and little to no wait time
  • Ensures that our team is ready to take care of donors when they arrive for their visit
  • Provides priority care in a safe environment at a convenient time
  • Helps control people flow into the PSC by reducing the number of patients and donors in the waiting room
  • Provides more appointments based on staffing levels while also determining staffing needs in advance

This new experience heavily relies on you, the employer, to ensure donors are scheduling their appointments and are aware of the new schedule at check-in process. Walk-ins continue to be welcome, but an appointment created when they arrive at a PSC for their drug test is to be expected.

Quality you can count on

We hold our collection sites and teams to the highest standards of quality and professionalism. This new enhanced scheduling will help you get the appointments you need, ensure your donors know exactly when they are to be seen for their drug test based on the Schedule at Check-in experience, and—most importantly—you will know when your drug test collections will be completed with confidence and consistency.

This is an entirely new experience, and we are rolling it out throughout 2021 with over 100 locations adopting the new digital kiosk technology and the enhanced scheduling protocols every week. We look forward to you experiencing all of this for yourself.

To locate a collection site near you, visit our collection site locator.