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We're There

I’m there: Anthony Magazzolo

May 21, 2019

Anthony Magazzolo nurtures strong connections throughout our business to help our extensive, nationwide, drug testing collection network run smoothly.


Ask the Experts: Drug test collection quality

September 30, 2016

We hold our collectors to the highest standards of quality by establishing chain of custody protocols, conducting audits, and reducing fatal flaws.

Instant testing

Rely on Express Results™ Online

September 9, 2015

Express Results Online helps employers to easily manage the drug testing process electronically with remarkable speed. Read the benefits.


Express Results Online collection quality

August 19, 2015

Express Results Online renders reliable and accurate results within minutes at a nearby Quest Diagnostics drug test location.


On-site drug testing collections

June 18, 2014

Our collection sites are designed to provide local and reliable collection services, yet for some clients, on-site collections are a better option.