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Drug Testing Needs Assessment

by Nicole Jupe on March 14, 2016


Employers are tasked with making important decisions about how best to keep their workplaces safe, productive and drug-free. An important component of creating and maintaining a drug-free workplace is having an effective drug testing program. And, while urine drug testing has been the standard for decades, there are now many other drug testing options available, including hair, oral fluid and instant testing.

Choosing the best drug testing solution for your company is an important decision, and a number of criteria including your goals, geography, industry and the jobs being performed by your employees should factor into your selection. Our Drug Testing Needs Assessment consists of 10 simple questions designed to help you sort through your options. Take a few minutes and leverage this powerful tool which will help you determine the drug testing solution that will best meet your needs.

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Guide for Drug Testing Laws

by Nicole Jupe on September 21, 2015

Guide-for-Drug-Testing-Laws-Dec2015One of the most critical elements of your organization’s drug testing program is a comprehensive, well-written policy that is both easy for employees to understand and compliant with state and federal laws.

State laws for drug testing vary across the country, while many states permit all types of drug testing, some states have unique requirements and limitations. For instance, Maryland only allows hair specimens to be used for pre-employment drug testing, and other states, like Vermont, prohibit the use of oral fluid drug testing altogether. Variations in state laws are further illustrated by the five U.S. states that require state licensure and/or registration for instant, point of collection (POCT) drug testing. In addition, two cities – San Francisco, California and Boulder, Colorado – prohibit random drug testing for all employees, and other states allow random testing only for safety-sensitive employees, employee assistance programs (EAP) and specified circumstances.

Despite unique requirements and limitations set forth by state laws, one type of specimen collection is permitted in all U.S. states and Puerto Rico – lab-based urine drug testing. Businesses that drug test applicants and employees trust urine testing for its ability to detect recent drug use and its scientifically-proven methodology. It is also the only drug test type currently approved for federally-mandated drug testing.

Quest Diagnostics is committed to providing you with resources to help you build and maintain an effective drug-free workplace program. For this reason, we created a new infographic as a reference to illustrate how drug testing laws can differ from state to state.

Download our Guide for Drug Testing Laws.

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If you have any questions regarding the law, the application of the law or if you require additional information, you should consult an attorney licensed to practice law in your state.


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