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Ask the Experts: Cheating an oral fluid drug test

by Nicole Jupe on November 2, 2017

oral-fluid-drug-testQ: Is it possible for a donor to cheat an oral fluid drug test?

Over time, we have heard about numerous attempts by individuals trying to cheat an oral fluid drug test. Examples include excessively rinsing with antiseptic mouthwash, chewing ice, eating Altoids® mints, drinking excessive amounts of water, using products that claim to clean or “neutralize saliva,” and aggressively brushing their teeth, tongue, and cheeks. In one strange and extreme case, a man washed his mouth using fish aquarium cleaner in an unsuccessful effort to beat his drug test. However, to date, we have not found any adulterants that can successfully mask drugs in an oral fluid test, nor are we aware of any devices used to cheat an oral fluid test.

Because every oral fluid drug test collection is directly observed, the risk of an individual cheating or tampering with a test is minimized. A donor’s mouth must be empty – meaning no food, gum, liquids, or tobacco – for at least 10 minutes prior to the start of the drug test. Also, trained collectors monitor every step in the process to prevent someone from trying to introduce anything onto the cotton pad or into the drug test vial. If a donor ignores instructions or misplaces the test wand in his or her mouth, the collector can guide them to make adjustments in order to complete a proper collection.

Additionally, our laboratory performs specimen validity testing, a test for albumin, on every oral fluid drug test specimen. Albumin is a naturally-occurring, endogenous protein in all human oral fluid (saliva). This test helps to ensure that the drug test specimen is actually saliva and that there is a sufficient amount of fluid for the laboratory to render an accurate, reliable drug test result.

Oral fluid drug testing using Oral-Eze is excellent at detecting recent drug use, especially marijuana. Although oral fluid has a slightly shorter window of detection than urine testing, it demonstrates higher positivity rates for almost all drugs and more than twice the positivity rates for marijuana.

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Detect marijuana more often using oral fluid

by Nicole Jupe on September 27, 2017

As state marijuana laws continue to change, it’s not surprising that marijuana use and drug test positivity are also on the rise. An estimated 24 million adults (aged 12 or older) currently use marijuana, according to latest data from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health.

New technology in oral fluid testing has proven effective in detecting recent drug use, especially for marijuana. In the last 3 years, data from the Quest Diagnostics Drug Testing Index™ revealed that marijuana positivity has increased nearly 75% in oral fluid drug tests in the general U.S. workforce. Additionally, a study published in the Journal of Analytical Toxicology showed that oral fluid testing using Oral-Eze® provided remarkable drug recovery and stability of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is the predominant analyte detected in oral fluid testing when an individual uses marijuana.

Our Marijuana detection using oral fluid drug testing white paper discusses this popular topic and examines:

  • Shifting views about cannabis in our country
  • Trends in marijuana detection in the U.S. workforce
  • Positivity rates in states with recreational marijuana use laws
  • Marijuana positivity by drug test type
  • Benefits of screening with the Oral-Eze collection system

A significant advantage of oral fluid testing is an observed collection, which discourages cheating and tampering by a donor. Although oral fluid testing has a slightly shorter window of detection than urine, it demonstrates higher positivity rates for almost all drugs and more than twice the positivity rates for marijuana. That said, oral fluid can be used for a broad range of testing scenarios, especially pre-employment drug tests.

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