Hair testing supplies stocked at collection sites

Image of hair kitsQuest Diagnostics is committed to being there for its clients by offering convenient, quality collection services. As a part of this commitment to excellence, we are pleased to announce that, effective this month, all Quest Diagnostics Patient Service Centers and Preferred Collection Sites that provide hair collections for drugs of abuse will begin stocking collection supplies at their facilities.

This change creates a number of important benefits for you:

  • Convenience.  Having hair testing supplies stocked at the collection site means that you no longer have to estimate, order and stock supplies.
  • Savings. You will no longer have to pay taxes on your hair collection kits, nor will you have to pay to ship the hair testing kits to your donors.
  • Paperless. By using eReq to order your test electronically, you will no longer need to provide paperwork and supplies to your donors.
  • Donor satisfaction. Not having to carry in the collection kit simplifies the process and improves the satisfaction of your donors.

Hair testing is the only drug-testing method available that provides up to a 90-day drug use history. To learn more, visit

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