Drug Free Work Week logoThis year’s National Drug-Free Work Week is October 15 through 20. The week emphasizes awareness, the importance of a drug free workforce, and encourages those struggling with drug abuse to seek help.

According to a National Survey of Drug Use and Health, of the 17.4 million current illicit drug users age 18 and older, more than 75 percent were employed. Drug use impacts the workplace with higher turnover rates and increased absenteeism. It also affects colleagues of drug abusers reporting being put in danger, having been injured, having had to work harder, to re-do work, or to cover for a co-worker.

The National Drug-Free Workplace Alliance says, “Drug use in the workplace costs this country billions of dollars every year in lost productivity, increased health problems, and workplace accidents. Given this profile of the typical American worker, it is clear that substance abuse prevention can and should be viewed as a common concern of both employers and employees.”

The National Drug-Free Workplace Alliance, a division of Drug Free America Foundation, is dedicated to prevention of substance abuse and teams up with other organizations in activities that educate and encourage a safe work environment. Learn more on their website and download free materials to support your drug-free work week efforts.

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