Getting started with eCCF

We answer some of your most frequently asked questions about electronic Custody and Control Forms (eCCF).

Can eCCF be used for regulated and non-regulated drug testing?
Yes. eCCF is now available for both regulated (DOT) urine drug tests and non-regulated drug tests. Available non-regulated drug tests include: oral fluid, hair, and Express Results™ Online.

How do I start using eCCF with Quest Diagnostics?
If you are new to Quest Diagnostics, please contact us online or call our National Customer Support Center at 1.866.912.1707 to set up a drug testing account using eCCF. If you are a current client and wish to transition to eCCF, contact your Account Manager or Sales Representative directly.

How do I order a drug test using eCCF?
We recommend that every eCCF drug test start with an online order because it will allow you to view real-time statuses throughout the drug testing process and receive final results electronically. You can order an eCCF using one of Quest Diagnostics systems (e.g., QIS, ESP or Web Services), an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), or a third-party administrator (TPA) ordering system.

Although every system is unique, an eCCF order begins when you enter donor demographics, account information, a test panel code, and choose an eCCF-enabled collection site. Once the order has been successfully submitted, the system will generate an authorization form with instructions for you to provide to the donor. The collection site will have all the information ready when the donor arrives for their drug test.

How can I tell which collection sites are eCCF-enabled?
Our online Collection Site Locator clearly identifies eCCF-enabled collection sites under “Services Offered.” The detail for each collection site will say either: Non-Regulated Electronic CCF or DOT Electronic CCF if the service is offered by that particular location.

You can also download all of our FAQ about eCCF, and watch our eCCF video.

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