Drug test collections webinar highlights

urine_collection.jpgCollections are a critical piece of the drug testing process and understanding your choices is important as you select a drug testing provider. Charlie Sullivan, Collection Services Manager at Quest Diagnostics, recently presented a webinar where he shared insights to help you better evaluate your collection services options as you work to select the best alternative for your organization.

Here are a few highlights from the webinar:

  • Not all collection sites offer the same benefits, and it’s important to know the differences between each type of site when making a location selection.
  • With five business days notice, we can perform on-site collections at your workplace as part of a job fair or mass hiring event.
  • Our 6,000 trained collectors provide around-the-clock access to 24/7 emergency collections. With more than 200 dispatch offices around the country, our average response and collection time is less than two hours.
  • No matter where we collect the drug test specimen, whether at a collection site or at your place of business, the same standardized processes are used from specimen collection to results reporting to help ensure consistent quality.

Watch a recording of this webinar or other webinars presented by Quest Diagnostics.

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