The DEA crackdown on synthetic drugs

Synthetic drugs The notoriety of synthetic drugs, like K2 and bath salts, continues to rise as we become more aware of what these drugs are, their side-effects and why they are sought out. Ease of access, slick packaging and catchy names like Black Mamba and Yukatan Fire have given synthetic drugs the reputation of offering a natural, safe high. This perception has fueled the growth of the synthetic drug industry, growth the Federal Government is committed to slowing down.

According to the Monitoring the Future Survey, a significant number of young adults – especially males – do not perceive synthetic drugs to be unsafe. Consequently, emergency rooms continue to see patients exhibiting a wide range of synthetic drug related side effects, further highlighting the danger posed by these substances. With growing public concern in mind, the Drug Enforcement Agency launched a 15 month counteractive campaign to combat the manufacturing and distribution of designer drugs.

The payoff was significant as Project Synergy led to the arrest of 151 individuals in 16 states, the seizure of more than $15 million in cash and more than 20 thousand pounds of synthetic drugs. With the success of Project Synergy, the DEA continues to build the public’s confidence in their efforts to stifle the efforts of synthetic drug manufacturers and distributors.

That said, businesses continue to be concerned that their employee population may be turning to synthetic drugs to avoid detection from conventional drug testing programs. For this reason, we are committed to innovation and have invested in a team dedicated to quality, research and new drug test development so that our customers are better able to create and maintain drug-free workplaces.

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