Synthetic marijuana: Catch me if you can

CatMouse.jpgSold in retail outlets under alluring names like “Black Mamba” and labeled as “not for human consumption,” designer drugs are steadily infiltrating society, resulting in an alarming increase of emergency room visits. These drugs are difficult to detect, harmful if consumed and easily accessible.

The latest issue of CESAR FAX features results from a yearly study performed by the Community Drug Early Warning System (CDEWS). The study examines samples of anonymous urine specimens, collected by criminal justice systems, to provide information on drug use trends. In their study, the CDEWS analyzed drug test results from parolees, probationers and juveniles in Washington, D.C., Denver, CO and Tampa, FL.

Most notably, the CDEWS study found that synthetic cannabinoid metabolites were found most often in specimens from individuals who have previously tested negative for illicit drugs in standard Correctional Justice Systems’ drug screens. These findings support the notion that many adults and juveniles may be turning to these dangerous drugs to avoid detection from conventional drug screens.

CESAR FAX provides a monthly, one-page overview of timely substance abuse trends or issues.

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