Image of a single blue dotted Oral Eze deviceThree months after launching the industry’s newest oral fluid drug testing system, we are pleased to announce the positive feedback that Oral-Eze® is delighting clients, collectors and donors alike. Feedback from Oral-Eze users is that it helps to resolve a number of the concerns encountered using other oral fluid drug testing systems on the market.

Sample adequacy window
With some systems, collectors have no way of knowing if a sufficient quantity of oral fluid is collected. All too often, this results in an inadequate specimen that has to be recollected. With its sample adequacy window, Oral-Eze resolves this problem. When window turns blue, typically within three to five minutes, enough oral fluid has been collected for testing. In the rare event that donor dry mouth prevents the window from turning blue, a collector can make an informed decision, as to whether sample should be sent to the lab or if an alternate collection should be performed. Whether the window turns blue, or a maximum collection time of 10 minutes elapses, Oral-Eze provides an informed collection. And while 10 minutes may seem like a long collection time, consider how little oral fluid that same donor would have provided on a different device that was only in the mouth for two, three or five minutes.

Reliable for detecting recent drug use 
Oral-Eze tests a variety of drugs in oral fluid including amphetamine, methamphetamines, cocaine, marijuana (THC), opiates, and PCP.

No unpleasant taste
Oral-Eze also solves a primary concern presented by older devices which are treated with common salts and other substances designed to artificially “enhance” specimen collection. The Oral-Eze collection pad is not chemically treated and has no unpleasant salty or citric taste. Numerous collectors have reported that this is a significant enhancement for their donors who often complained about the “bad taste” of some other devices.

Simple collections
As outlined in our video on, the chain of custody seals and paperwork are nearly identical to other drug tests. Experienced collectors appreciate the fact that we mirror their existing workflow, while new collectors indicate that the oral fluid collections instructions that we provide are thorough, detailed and easy to understand.

To date, more than 300 customers have made the transition to Oral-Eze and as a result our laboratory is processing thousands of specimens each week. We encourage you to make the switch today, and to start enjoying the functional and technological benefits of the Oral-Eze oral fluid collections system.

Read our FAQs about Oral-Eze.

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