Quest drug testing lab professional

Comprehensive employee screening programs have dozens of moving parts that you need to manage. Your drug testing provider should be a resource that makes it easier for you to administer the process. But, not all providers do this.

So how do you select the right drug testing company?

Start by identifying your objectives regarding who, why and how to drug test. Your drug testing policy should serve as a roadmap. These fundamental considerations should help you to create list of criteria. Other factors such as result accuracy, collection site convenience, turnaround times results reporting and customer service should factor into your final decision.

Choose a provider with drug testing expertise and the ability to answer your technical, legal, and logistical questions. Your provider should have proven experience in drug testing with options for both laboratory-based and instant products. In addition, your provider should offer Medical Review Officer (MRO) services to confirm results, and be compliant with federal and state requirements.

After you compare the science, technology, quality and service of potential alcohol and drug testing providers, take an additional moment to evaluate its professionals. Are they accessible? Do they answer your questions? Will someone respond quickly to problems and work to resolve them? Will they go above and beyond and always do what is right on your behalf?  

All else being equal, it’s a company’s people that can become the differentiator between a successful program that runs effortlessly and one that is just average. Be certain that you select a provider that is committed to being there when you need them.

Why Quest Diagnostics

Quest offers reliable workfplace drug testing, an extensive collection site network, and personal service and support. Our global network of laboratories participates in rigorous laboratory proficiency testing to maintain complete quality assurance.

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