For many, the first experience with a drug test comes during a job search as a pre-employment test. Before an individual is selected as the best fit for a position at a new company, the final step in a somewhat stressful application and interview process is the drug test. A negative drug screen result helps to affirm to an employer that the candidate interviewing for the job is drug-free and can start work immediately.

This one test can open a world of opportunities and potentially change someone’s life. A young parent lands a higher-paying job and can better provide for his growing family. A teenager earns a summer job at a local shop and begins saving for her future. A man accepts a job that he truly loves, after years of wondering if that job was out there. The hard work of a college graduate is rewarded with a job offer in his area of study, turning his passion into a paycheck. A woman’s first job transforms into a career where she is respected, leads others, and feels successful at the end of each day. That’s the power of drug testing.

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