Auditing improves the collection process

As part of our quality assurance program for collection sites, we conduct different types of audits at several key collection points.

Our secret shopper program features a Quest Diagnostics employee, who has a collection completed at a Patient Service Center or at a Preferred Collection Site. This highly trained employee then rates the entire collection process and provides feedback back to the location. We typically complete between six and eight hundred Secret Shopper events each year.

Each month we dispatch a collector for an emergency event where one of our auditors poses as the donor. The collector must complete a urine drug screen and a Breath Alcohol collection on the donor, who rates the quality of the process and reports back to the client. A key transportation client recently stated that this audit program is “the best in the industry.” This same client was recently audited by a Federal regulatory board who gave the program high marks.

On a quarterly basis we also rate the quality of our onsite collection events. An auditor will show up unannounced at a client’s event to evaluate the performance of the collection assigned to the event. The event is scored and the results are used to coach that collector.

The feedback collected at these events allows us to continually improve our collection services, which helps to create a better service for all of our clients. And the data shows that these audits are working. We’ve seen incrementally higher scores for our collection services on each of our last three customer satisfaction surveys.

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