Employee drug and alcohol testing handbook

dot.jpgWhen will I be tested for drugs at my place of employment? What types of substances will I be tested for? Will my prescriptions interfere with my drug test results? Answers to these and other common drug testing questions can be found in the newly updated Employee Handbook from the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT). The information presented in this document covers multiple steps of the drug testing process, and explains the logic behind the process.

Ray LaHood, the Secretary of Transportation, states that the cornerstone of the testing policy is “ensuring that transportation providers across all modes – on roads, rails, water, or in the air, over land and underground – employ operators who are 100 percent drug- and alcohol-free.” Safety is the primary priority of the DOT, and its testing policies are a testament to that fact.

Other topics covered in the employee handbook include:

  • Specific steps for how the drug testing is to be conducted
  • Repercussions for employees that refuse testing
  • Resources for employees that test positive
  • The role prescription medications play in the testing process
  • How positive test results can impact an employee’s employment

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