Inspiring young scientists in Atlanta

The clicks and hums of finely tuned instruments and light whispers of morning chatter typically fill the Quest Diagnostics laboratory in Tucker, Georgia, on Mondays. Yet, just after 9am on December 4, a camera crew helped capture the mentorship story as 40 smiling, enthusiastic students from Rex Mill Middle School in Atlanta rushed the laboratory eager to see the test tubes, machines, people, and chemistry – they were ready to learn more about science.

The day started off with an overview of the dangers of illegal drugs and an interactive experiment highlighting the science of drug testing. With smiles and amazement, the group toured the lab to meet technicians who explained their role in the screening process. For many, it was their first time in a laboratory and the day left a lasting impression.

“Science is all around us. I strongly believe having exposure to careers in science at an early age helps students to see themselves in those roles in the future,” said Dr. Steven Sykes, Scientific Director, Quest Diagnostics.

According to the U.S. Department of Education, an estimated 10% of students nationwide receive mentoring through their schools. Mentorship can help to equip students with the confidence and drive their need to succeed. Our Atlanta team welcomed the chance to pass on its love of science and invest in our youth who may become the hardworking scientists of tomorrow.

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