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I’m There: Brian Giammarco
In this month’s feature of our “I’m There” series, Brian describes what we’re there when you need us means to him. Continue reading

By   /  December 11, 2017

Webinar: The Life of a Drug Test
In our upcoming webinar, Quest experts will give you a behind-the-scenes look at the drug testing process. Join us December 13 at 1 p.m. CT. Continue reading

By   /  November 28, 2017

Hair drug test procedures
We’ve created a hair drug testing guide to help add clarity to each step of the collections process. Continue reading

By   /  November 7, 2017

New to drug testing: Over but not out
Whether you’ve been in the industry for two weeks or twenty years, in some ways, we are all new to drug testing. Continue reading

By   /  May 1, 2014

New to drug testing: We’re there
We believe it’s not enough to simply deliver results, but instead we strive to be there for our clients through every step of the drug testing process. Continue reading

By   /  April 23, 2014

New to drug testing: Medical professional panels
Despite their knowledge and training, medical professionals are just as at risk for substance abuse as the general public. Continue reading

By   /  April 17, 2014

New to drug testing: Webinars
Our webinars are hosted by industry experts in an effort to provide you with information that you can use to optimize your drug testing program. Continue reading

By   /  April 10, 2014

New to drug testing: Post-accident testing
Post-accident drug testing, sometimes referred to as “post-incident” testing, can help determine if drugs or alcohol may have influenced an accident. Continue reading

By   /  April 4, 2014

New to drug testing: Medical review officer
An MRO is an independent, licensed physician who is responsible for reviewing laboratory results and evaluating medical explanations for them. Continue reading

By   /  March 28, 2014

New to drug testing: random testing
While keeping drug users from being hired is important, deterring current employees from using drugs is just as vital. Continue reading

By   /  March 20, 2014