Marijuana and prescription drug misuse in America

Image of MarijuanaQuest Diagnostics recently published a Health Trends™ report detailing Marijuana and Prescription Drug Misuse in America.

The new report – Recreational Marijuana Users More Likely To Misuse Prescription Drugs – details that individuals who use marijuana recreationally are more likely to misuse other drugs, including pain-controlling, but potentially addictive narcotics, sedatives and other prescription medications, than individuals who do not use marijuana. The study also found that while marijuana was the most frequently abused drug of patients tested, individuals who used prescribed marijuana (prescription cannabinoids) were not more likely to misuse other drugs than non-marijuana users.

The Quest Diagnostics Health Trends™ report, A Report on Marijuana and Prescription Drug Misuse in America, is believed to be one of the largest studies of the correlation between marijuana and prescription drug use in a nationally representative population based on objective laboratory data.

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