marijuana-webinarEmployers continue to seek out accurate information to better understand the legal and regulatory environment surrounding the “medical” and recreational use of marijuana. Two experts in the fields of science and law presented in our June 25 webinar on marijuana use, common terminology, state laws and insights from the Quest Diagnostics Drug Testing Index™.

Dr. Barry Sample, Director of Science and Technology, Quest Diagnostics, explained how different routes of administration – smoking and oral ingestion – impact the absorption and the effects of the drug.  Dr. Sample also discussed the specimen types for drug testing and the advantages of each test type for the detection of marijuana.  He cited data from several studies that examined positivity, self-reported use, metabolism, and marijuana’s physiological effects on users.

D. Faye Caldwell, Attorney at Law, Caldwell Everson, spoke about the history of medical marijuana, legislation and regulation of medical marijuana, safety-sensitive employees, impairment and employee protection laws.  She presented in-depth information by state to help employers better understand these laws. She emphasized that legislation continues to change and regulation is still pending across the country. Remember, at the federal level, marijuana remains an illicit Schedule I drug.

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