marijuana white paper

Since voters passed California Proposition 215 in 1996, state marijuana legislation has rippled across the United States despite marijuana’s classification as a Schedule I controlled substance by the federal government. Myths and misinformation about the drug challenge employers’ ability to make clear decisions about their workplaces in the ever-changing marijuana landscape. Many ask the question: Should my company continue to drug test employees for marijuana? In our new white paper, we answer this question and examine the origins, history, and background of the drug.

We aim to shed light on its health impacts, potency, legal classifications, and the importance of maintaining marijuana testing as part of a drug-free workplace program.

Other areas of focus:

  • Marijuana use disorders
  • Marijuana and the American workforce
  • Types of testing and detection windows

As a leader in the drug testing industry, we advocate for a drug-free workplace. Additionally, we are committed to providing research and science to help companies evaluate the big picture. Employers should stay informed about drug use trends in the American workforce and educate their employees about the associated risks.

Download the new age of marijuana white paper.

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