Many employers continue to ask questions about marijuana in the era of state legislation surrounding medical and recreational use statutes. In an effort to provide information about topics related to the science, drug testing, policy, and the law, Quest Diagnostics experts have provided responses to the some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about marijuana.

The most prevalent inquiry we receive from employers is whether or not they can continue to drug test applicants and employees under current state marijuana laws. The answer is yes. More than 98% of all non-federally mandated workplace drug tests performed by Quest Diagnostics include marijuana as a part of their drug testing panel.

There are currently no restrictions limiting an employer’s ability to drug test for marijuana, although there may be limitations on permissible disciplinary action that an employer may take if an employee is using marijuana in accordance with that state’s marijuana laws. In general, state medical and recreational use statutes impact a very small number of employees.

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