Increased drug use fuels global drug testing market

drug testingDrug use continues to make headlines, from the rise in marijuana use, to the recently publicized opioid epidemic and the continued danger posed by synthetic drugs. Less publicized is the impact of drug abuse on companies and society, and the search for ways to combat it. One solution that more policy-makers, employers and individuals are turning to as a deterrent to drug use is drug testing.

A recent study conducted by P&S Market Research looked at the development, growth and demand of the drug testing market. Findings reveal that the global drug testing market is growing and is expected to continue to grow significantly (9.6 percent CAGR 2016-2022). The authors of the survey believe the growth rate is related to the expanded availability of drugs, increased drug consumption, and broadened efforts to decrease traffic accidents associated with drug use. The study further surmises that, “the global increase in road accidents and death rates due to drug consumption is expected to increase the demand of drugs of abuse testing, which will, in turn, help in reducing the potential number of incidences and loss of life.” Additionally, technological advancements in the development of drug testing solutions with improved analytical capabilities are increasing the availability and use of testing.

The P&S research supports findings from other studies which also look at global drug use. According to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UDOC) World Drug Report 2016, “an estimated 1 in 20 adults, or a quarter of a billion people between the ages of 15 and 64 years, used at least one drug in 2014.” Additionally, across the world, “roughly 200,000 people lose their lives each year to causes attributed to drug use.”

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