ONDCP logoThe Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) released the results of the annual U.S. Government estimate measuring cocaine production in Colombia. According to the new estimates, there has been a 72 percent drop in cocaine pure production capacity in Colombia since 2001, from an estimated 700 metric tons potential pure cocaine production at its peak in 2001 to 195 metric tons in 2011. The latest estimate is a 25 percent reduction from the previous year. The new survey now places Colombia behind Peru (325 metric tons in 2010) and Bolivia (265 metric tons in 2011) in cocaine production.

These reductions can be traced to a variety of factors that resulted from the strengthened U.S.-Colombia partnership forged through Plan Colombia. These included strengthened democratic institutions, greater presence by the Government of Colombia throughout its territory, focused and persistent eradication, law enforcement efforts targeting drug trafficking organizations, improvements in the judicial system, alternative development, and increased foreign investment as a result of a significantly improved security environment.

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