By the Numbers: Going Green with eCCF

by Steve Beller on March 1, 2017

Our By the Numbers blog series takes a closer look at the numbers, facts, data, and outputs that impact workplace drug testing programs. In this post, we examine the environmental impact of moving from paper-based custody and control forms (CCF) to electronic custody and control forms (eCCF).

Paper-based CCFs have been a mainstay of the drug testing industry since its inception in the 1980s, when the Reagan Administration passed the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988. According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), “the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988 requires some federal contractors and all federal grantees to agree that they will provide drug-free workplaces as a condition of receiving a contract or grant from a federal agency.” In 2016, Quest Diagnostics processed more than 11 million workplace drug tests. Moreover, on average, we supply our employer clients with 1.5 paper forms for each drug test conducted. And while a single 5-part paper form may not seem like much, 16.5 million such forms add up—and the environmental impact is dramatic. If eCCFs were used for every Quest Diagnostics drug test performed instead of paper CCFs, 10,000 trees could have been saved in 2016 alone. Expanding the calculation to the entire drug testing industry, an estimated 42,000+ trees could potentially be saved each year.

Quest Diagnostics has been investing in and providing eCCF (formerly known as eReq) to non-regulated employers for nearly a decade, and we launched eCCF for regulated, U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) drug tests this January. eCCF is currently available for DOT urine, non-DOT urine, Express Results™ Online, oral fluid, and hair drug tests from Quest Diagnostics.

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Online Solutions New Website Content

by Steve Beller on February 7, 2017

One of the most challenging problems we face as marketers is keeping our materials fresh, relevant, and engaging. With that in mind, we are pleased to announce the launch of our new and improved Quest Diagnostics Online Solutions web content.

What’s new? We’ve audited and updated all of our online solutions web pages. You can now review the latest information regarding electronic custody and control forms (eCCF). Read about the ways our drug testing portal has evolved to be a one-stop-shop for all your drug testing needs–from placing orders, to tracking statuses, to reviewing results. Learn how system integrations can seamlessly dovetail into your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) or Human Resources Information System (HRIS). Finally, you can tap into critical information by leveraging the robust results reporting capabilities available to you including drug test results review, activity reports, and monitoring your regulatory compliance.

What’s improved? We analyzed site traffic patterns, page views, and downloaded content to simplify the navigation and improve the organization of our web pages. Our goal was to make it easier than ever for you to locate the information you’re looking for. Check out the Online Solutions new website content today.

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Ask the Experts: Getting Started with eCCF

December 21, 2016 Webinars

Our recent Gain the eCCF Advantage webinar was well received by many in the drug testing industry. Throughout the presentation, our audience posed a number of questions. Answers to the most frequent and important inquiries from the webinar are provided below as part of our ongoing effort to simplify the complexities of electronic Custody and […]

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Gain the eCCF Advantage Webinar Highlights

November 18, 2016 Webinars

In Tuesday’s webinar, experts from Quest Diagnostics shared the benefits of using electronic custody and control forms (eCCF) in federally-regulated drug testing. Charlie Sullivan, Director of Collection Services, and Barbara Rowland, Director of Laboratory Operations, discussed the due diligence it took for Quest to gain HHS National Laboratory Certification Program (NLCP) approval and the impacts […]

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Gain the eCCF Advantage Webinar

November 4, 2016 Webinars

It’s not too late to get the inside scoop on what you need to know to easily integrate eCCF into your drug testing program by attending our upcoming webinar called “Gain the eCCF Advantage.” Join us on Tuesday, November 15 at 1 p.m. CT as Quest Diagnostics drug testing experts, Charlie Sullivan, Director of Collection […]

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Webinar: Gain the eCCF Advantage

October 13, 2016 Webinars

With more than 5.8 million federally-regulated urine drug tests conducted in 2015 alone, electronic custody and control forms (eCCF) represents a tremendous opportunity for companies to improve efficiencies to save time on their drug testing programs. While non-regulated eCCFs have been available for several years, Quest Diagnostics will launch eCCF for federally-regulated testing beginning in […]

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Important Changes With eCCF

October 10, 2016 Urine testing

The content below highlights a number of the changes you should expect as you prepare to make the transition to electronic custody and control forms, or eCCF, for Federal drug testing from Quest Diagnostics. One of the biggest changes is the use of the Specimen ID as the single, identifying number for all drug testing […]

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Speed up Testing with eCCF

September 27, 2016 eCCF

As we reported, Quest Diagnostics was approved on August 5, 2016, by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) National Laboratory Certification Program (NLCP) to perform federally-regulated drug testing using electronic Custody and Control Forms (eCCF). Since our announcement, we have been diligently working to complete the final last steps necessary to allow […]

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Quest Diagnostics Approved to Use eCCF for Federally-Mandated Workforce

August 18, 2016 News

 eCCF dramatically improves efficiency in workplace drug testing Quest Diagnostics, the world’s leading provider of diagnostic services, announced today that the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has authorized the company to perform drug testing using electronic Custody and Control Forms (eCCF) for federally-mandated, safety-sensitive workers. With the approval, Quest becomes the largest workplace drug […]

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eCCF Update: The Paperless Revolution

August 8, 2016 eCCF

We are excited to announce that our laboratory Federal eCCF inspections are complete and that in the last week all four of our drug testing laboratories located in Lenexa, KS (Kansas City), Tucker, GA (Atlanta), West Hills, CA (Los Angeles), and Norristown, PA (Philadelphia) were approved by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services […]

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