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Top 10 drug testing tips for HR

June 16, 2017 By

A workplace drug testing program can help HR professional to hire the most talented, drug-free individual for the job. Read our top 10 tips.

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The case for maintaining a drug testing policy

March 16, 2017 By

West Virginia Supreme Court upholds reasonable suspicion termination demonstrating the impact of a comprehensive workplace drug testing policy.

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Ask the Experts: Six Sigma quality

October 18, 2016 By

At Quest Diagnostics, Six Sigma means striving for a standard of quality near perfection and championing total customer satisfaction.


Ask the Experts: Drug test collection quality

September 30, 2016 By

We hold our collectors to the highest standards of quality by establishing chain of custody protocols, conducting audits, and reducing fatal flaws.


Ask the Experts: Drug Test Collection Site Options

July 26, 2016 By

With three types of drug test collection sites and thousands of locations, how do employers know which location best meets their needs?

Hair testing

Ask the experts: Effects of hair treatments on drug test results

June 27, 2016 By

Some employers who use hair drug testing as part of their workplace drug testing program ask if hair products can have an impact on their drug test results.

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Ask the experts: Marijuana legalization and workplace drug testing

April 1, 2015 By

Marijuana impairs users when driving or completing other complex tasks even hours after use - making it vital for employers to continue to screen for marijuana.

Oral Fluid testing

Ask the experts: Under the influence

September 8, 2014 By

Is oral fluid is the best drug test specimen type for determining whether an employee is under the influence of drugs – particularly marijuana?

Urine testing

Ask the experts: Urine – the ‘gold standard’ of drug testing

August 28, 2014 By

Businesses who take part in drug-free workplace programs need flexible testing methods and lab-based urine drug testing offers robust panels.

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Ask the experts: Reasonable suspicion drug testing

July 17, 2014 By

Do you suspect you have employees who may abuse drugs at work? Don't feel helpless, we have the support to help you enhance your drug testing program.