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Ask the experts: The life of a drug testing specimen
Our labs handle more than eight million drug testing specimens yearly while maintaining an excellent track record of reliability and accuracy. Continue reading

By   /  May 13, 2014

Ask the experts: Marijuana & drug testing
In all 50 states, including those that have removed penalties for recreational use, employers can test their applicants and employees for marijuana. Continue reading

By   /  April 14, 2014

Ask the experts: The benefits of drug testing
Companies – large and small, public and private, regulated and non-regulated – would benefit from a workplace drug and alcohol testing program. Continue reading

By   /  January 20, 2014

Ask the experts: Drug testing questions and answers
You’ve got questions, our drug testing professionals have answers. Our blog column aims to simplify the sometimes complicated drug testing industry. Continue reading

By   /  January 13, 2014