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Preparing for a drug test collection

July 30, 2015

When preparing for a drug test collection, donors should follow these best practices to help ensure an optimal collection experience.


Collection site zip match

July 10, 2015

Quest offers an online zip match tool to help you match the location of your donor with the most cost-effective, nearby drug testing collection site.


Find an Express Results™ Online collection site

May 1, 2015

Looking for location? Our interactive online map displays the collection sites where Express Results Online instant drug testing is currently offered.


Drug test collections video

November 10, 2014

Our most recent video highlights our different drug test collection services and the benefits of each.


Drug testing collection site network

July 15, 2014

Not all collection sites are created equal, and it’s important to know the differences between each type of site when making a location selection.


Revised urine specimen collector guidelines

July 3, 2014

ODAPC issued an official Q&A document that clarifies collector guidelines outlined in 49 CFR Part 40.


On-site drug testing collections

June 18, 2014

Our collection sites are designed to provide local and reliable collection services, yet for some clients, on-site collections are a better option.


Industry leadership: Broad access

May 5, 2014

We’ll feature each of the five drivers of industry leadership: broad access.


Drug testing collections case study

January 9, 2014

This case study highlights the benefits employers receive from our collection site coverage, 24/7 emergency collections and scheduled on-site collections.


New to drug testing: Online collection training

August 1, 2013

If you're implementing a new drug testing program or training a new employee or collector, our online training is available to help you.