“The Marijuana Dilemma” webinar

marijuana webinar
The Marijuana Dilemma: What Employers Should Know and What They Can Do About It, was presented by drug testing industry expert Bill Current on December 13.

Marijuana seems to be in the headlines more than ever. There’s real pot, synthetic pot and even “legal” pot. One of the most controversial and confusing issues facing employee screening providers and employers is what to do in states with “legal marijuana” laws. As of November 6, eighteen (18) states plus the District of Columbia have medical marijuana laws and two of these states have legalized the “recreational” use of marijuana. To complicate matters even further, there’s a growing trend toward the use of synthetic cannabinoids (or “fake marijuana”).

In this insightful presentation, you will learn about the various state laws pertaining to marijuana, real, fake or legal, and how those laws affect the workplace. You will also learn what rights employers have and what they can do with positive marijuana drug test results when the donor claims to have used the drug legally.

Bill Current is the president of WFC & Associates, a national consulting firm specializing in drug-free workplace issues and manages On-Line Ultimate Guide to State Drug Testing Laws at StateDrugTestingLaws.com. He coordinates the annual Survey of Drug Testing Industry Trends, now in its 14th year. He is the former director of the Institute for a Drug-Free Workplace and executive director of the American Council for Drug Education. He has authored or co-authored 10 books on substance abuse issues and is a popular presenter at conferences and webinars.

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