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Workforce drug testing positivity climbs to its highest rate since 2004
Workforce drug testing positivity climbs to its highest rate since 2004, according to the latest data from the Quest Diagnostics Drug Testing Index. Continue reading

By   /  April 11, 2019

Increases in illicit drugs, including cocaine, drive workforce drug positivity to highest rate in 12 years
The Quest Diagnostics Drug Testing Index shows increases in positivity for illicit drugs, such as marijuana and cocaine, across virtually all test types. Continue reading

By   /  May 16, 2017

Drug positivity in U.S. workforce rises to highest level in a decade
The percentage of employees in the combined U.S. workforce testing positive for drugs has steadily increased over the last three years to a 10-year high. Continue reading

By   /  September 15, 2016

Workplace opioid use is costing employers
A Wall Street Journal article highlights the impact of employees' heroin and opioids use in the workplace, citing recent Drug Testing Index data. Continue reading

By   /  October 15, 2014

Testing helps to find drug-free workers
The Wall Street Journal reports that amphetamine and painkiller use is a hurdle to hiring during Appalachia’s oil-and-gas boom. Continue reading

By   /  January 11, 2013

Wall Street Journal: Study shows widespread misuse of prescription drugs
Nearly two out of three Americans don’t follow their doctor’s orders properly when taking prescription drugs. Continue reading

By   /  May 3, 2012