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Three ways to reduce drug test cheating

July 20, 2010 By

Try this litmus test, type “beat a drug test” into Google and see how many results come back. The number should be greater than a million.

Oral Fluid testing

Product feature – Oral-fluid testing

May 13, 2010 By

Oral-fluid is an excellent testing modality for pre-employment and random testing.

Urine testing

Drug testing return on investment

May 11, 2010 By

With the summer hiring season upon us, now is a great time to really understand the benefits and savings of having a drug testing program.

Drug Testing

Random testing and your bottom line

April 30, 2010 By

As companies feel the pinch caused by a sputtering economy, some may be tempted to discontinue or reduce drug testing in an effort to save money.

Hair testing

Product feature – Hair testing

April 28, 2010 By

Quest Diagnostics is committed to providing your company with a complete array of drug testing options.

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Expanded opiate testing

April 7, 2010 By

Some opiates, such as Oxycodone and Hydrocodone, have seen a rise in abuse over the past several years.

Urine testing

Even physicians can be a drug abuse risk

March 30, 2010 By

Employer Solutions offers Medical Professional Panels which are designed to detect drug abuse among physicians and healthcare professionals.

Hair testing

Hair Testing from Quest Diagnostics

March 29, 2010 By

Hair testing from Quest Diagnostics is FDA cleared, and tests for the following drugs: amphetamines (including MDMA), cocaine, marijuana, opiates and phencyclidine (PCP).

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Protonix and marijuana drug screens

March 17, 2010 By

Protonix (pantoprazole) is a proton-pump inhibitor(PPI) used in the treatment of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) and Zollinger-Ellison Syndrome.

Urine testing

Substance spotlight – Cocaine

March 17, 2010 By

Drug names: coke, crack, blow, rock, snow, C, freebase