The safety and well-being of a workplace can depend on answers from a drug testing program. These answers help employers make critical decisions about their most important asset—people. As drug use continues to climb in the American workforce, efforts to deter workforce drug use, as well as discouraging individuals who misuse drugs and alcohol from applying for jobs in your organization.

Employers trust Quest Diagnostics

Every year, Quest completes millions of workforce drug tests. We analyze and publish this data set as the Quest Diagnostics Drug Testing Index. Our insights serve as a public service and valuable benchmark for drug use trends in the United States, helping employers and policymakers get answers about positivity rates by specimen type, drug category, and testing reason.

Accuracy and quality

Laboratory certifications and inspections help ensure reliable testing and adherence to the highest levels of quality. Quest Diagnostics is the only SAMHSA-certified and CAP-FDT-accredited laboratory to offer in-house testing for all three of the most popular test types: urine, oral fluid, and hair. We have a long-standing reputation for accuracy and industry-leading turnaround times.

Convenience and choice

Location means convenience. We offer unparalleled access to a network of nearly 10,000 drug test collection sites throughout the United States. Our comprehensive portfolio of drug test solutions means an employer has a drug test that aligns with their testing strategy, desired detection window, results delivery, and budget.

Expertise and industry leadership

We know that you need expertise in science, technology, state and federal regulations, and compliance. Employers must also navigate through increasing complexities as states pass medical and recreational marijuana laws, the opioid crisis persists, and the COVID-19 pandemic brings challenges to safety and collections. Our scientists and experts provide industry-leading insights from publications like the Drug Testing Index and Health Trends™ as well as news and testing data during the pandemic. Whether you are an employer seeking solutions for your business, or an individual looking for answers to help you navigate the health crisis facing our world, we have information to help.


All drug testing methodologies help to mitigate risks by screening out applicants and employees who use drugs. Quest will help you choose elements for your drug testing program and help get the critical information you need to make confident and informed decisions about prospective and current employees.  

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