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I’m There: Christina Salamone
In this month’s feature of our “I’m There” series, Christina describes what we’re there when you need us means to him. Continue reading

By   /  January 15, 2018

What to expect at a drug test collection
Before getting a drug test done, knowing what to expect before the process is valuable. Learn about the strict guidelines collectors follow. Continue reading

By   /  July 21, 2017

Moving your drug testing program from simple to sophisticated
Consider tapping into these resources as you work to broaden your knowledge, enhance your company’s drug testing program, and build your network. Continue reading

By   /  July 28, 2016

Drug test collections webinar highlights
Our drug test collections expert recently presented a webinar where he shared insights to help you better evaluate your collection services options. Continue reading

By   /  November 3, 2015

A drug testing provider you can rely on
Our commitment to our customers is simple – we want to show that we’re there when you need us. It's our intentional, every day focus. Continue reading

By   /  October 28, 2015

Webinar: Evaluating your drug test collection options
Join us on Tuesday, October 27 at 1 p.m. CT as we share information to help you better evaluate your drug test collection services options. Continue reading

By   /  October 2, 2015

Our continuous quest towards improving customer satisfaction
We have made key improvements to our collection services, customer support and laboratory operations in an effort to improve customer satisfaction. Continue reading

By   /  September 10, 2015

Drug testing collection site network
Not all collection sites are created equal, and it’s important to know the differences between each type of site when making a location selection. Continue reading

By   /  July 15, 2014

Ask the experts: Oral fluid collections
The vast majority of Oral-Eze collections are simple, fast, and provide specimens that can be tested without any issues. Continue reading

By   /  June 26, 2014

Industry leadership – Online solutions
Developing technology solutions that optimize the drug testing process is another way Quest Diagnostics shows clients we're there when you need us. Continue reading

By   /  May 27, 2014