Is your workforce drug testing strategy ready to meet the demands of a growing job market?

pre-employment drug test

With the US job market finally starting to put the impact of COVID-19 in the rearview mirror, temporary staffing is poised for strong growth.

Yet the economy as we knew it has changed, and employers will need to scale for certain positions more quickly. Case in point: while staffing overall is forecast to grow 11% this year—surpassing 2019 pre-pandemic levels—industrial staffing is projected to rise more than 16% year over year in 2021. All of this means your approach to staffing and workforce drug testing must stay nimble.

A changed economy. A new strategy.

Now more than ever, it’s important to evaluate your staffing agency’s approach to workforce drug testing to ensure it’s ready to meet the demands of a growing and evolving job market. Ask yourself:

  • Is our drug testing strategy as efficient as possible?
  • Do our vendors have streamlined and scalable processes?
  • Can our current solution match the quickening pace of job placement, especially for clients who rely on temporary staffing like warehouse and eCommerce fulfillment, light manufacturing, and medical fields?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, maybe, or “um…hopefully?” then it’s time to rethink your approach.

First things first: Stop playing with fire.

When a hiring surge hits, it can feel like you’re a firefighter putting out blaze after blaze—often by any means necessary. Some firms try to address urgent and emerging needs by adding more vendors, but that approach brings its own dangers when applied to workforce drug testing. Juggling multiple testing vendors can create:

  • Inefficiency – Different vendors performing different test types using different processes while sending different invoices.
  • Inconsistency – Some vendors provide real-time access to testing results and a secure chain of custody throughout. Some don’t.
  • Unreliability – Watch out for inadequate testing quality, delayed results, and poor experiences for your job candidates—and your clients.
  • Liability – If all your vendor’s results aren’t legally admissible, you may open your firm to significant legal and financial risks.

Read all about it: Start streamlining your process.

Your staffing agency must prepare for the accelerated pace of job placement with a workforce drug testing solution that scales quickly, streamlines processes, and delivers results you and your clients can trust.

For ideas on how to make sure your strategy can keep pace, download our eBook Matching Your Drug Testing Capabilities to Postpandemic Growth.

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