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Ask the expert: New marijuana law in Nevada

July 2, 2019 By

Nevada passed a law effective January 1, 2020 that places restrictions on how employers handle positive tests for marijuana for job applicants.


The new age of marijuana

April 12, 2019 By

Our new white paper provides insights about the new age of marijuana and the importance of maintaining marijuana testing in a drug-free workplace program.


Is medical marijuana safe?

March 7, 2019 By

While medical marijuana is gaining acceptance, there are questions about the impact of long-term use. How safe is marijuana, really?

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Cannabidiol and drug tests

February 8, 2019 By

Maybe. CBD itself would not report positive on a drug test for marijuana or marijuana metabolite. In some states, CBD may contain up to 5% THC. If the CBD product contains THC at a sufficiently high concentration, it is possible that the use of these products could cause a positive urine drug test result.


Common questions about marijuana

July 12, 2018 By

Our experts answer common questions about marijuana related to science, drug testing, workplace policies, and state marijuana laws.


Marijuana webinar recap

June 27, 2014 By

Experts presented a webinar about marijuana use, common terminology, state laws, and insights from the Quest Diagnostics Drug Testing Index.


Marijuana: A look at the science & state legislation

June 11, 2014 By

Dr. Barry Sample and D. Faye Caldwell discuss the effects of marijuana use, common terms, review state laws, and marijuana positivity data.


Marijuana dilemma draws a crowd

December 14, 2012 By

“The Marijuana Dilemma: What Employers Should Know and What They Can Do About It” presented by drug testing industry expert Bill Current drew a crowd.


“The Marijuana Dilemma” webinar

December 4, 2012 By

The Marijuana Dilemma: What Employers Should Know and What They Can Do About It, was presented by Bill Current on December 13.