Believe it or not, this Saturday marks the second annual National Bobblehead Day. These disproportionate figurines have been sought-after collector items dating back to the mid-18th century, known then as Nodding-head figures. However, they were not mass-produced until the 1950s during the golden era of baseball. In the 1960s, the Beatles helped propel bobbleheads into the mainstream with the emergence of their – now highly coveted – set of bobbles themed after some of their biggest hits. Since then, they have become a quirky recognition that tells a story about how much someone means to us as a public figure, athlete, world leader, or in our case, a treasured colleague.

In 2011, we started our own yearly bobblehead tradition to celebrate an outstanding team member. Our muse is someone who is a productive and positive influence within our organization and whose impact is instrumental to our success.  In our attempt to create a fitting way to acknowledge and celebrate their larger than life contributions – we “bobble” them.

Aside from being molded from great people, our bobbleheads were born from a need to have a physical representation of what we stand for as a business. They embody our we’re there when you need us mantra and personify the commitment of our laboratories and operations. This campaign has morphed into a reflection of who we have always been: industry experts, service providers, and drug-free workplace advocates. With that in mind, enter our bobbleheads, a celebration of the professionals who continuously help us live up to our we’re there mantra.

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