Weather Alert: inclement weather in the Midwest

This past weekend we saw severe winter weather in the Northeast region of the US. This week, a new developing system may affect a large area of the Midwest. This severe weather may impact our operations, from specimen logistics to testing at our laboratories. We have proactively planned adjusted staffing schedules and operations to minimize the impact of these weather-related delays.

The national weather service has issued winter storm warnings along the path of this storm covering large areas of the Midwest from Colorado to Michigan. Winter storm Landon – which will kick off Tuesday, February 1 – will not only bring snow, but arctic temperatures, sleet, and freezing rain.

Additional warnings are likely, as the spread of the storms head towards the already heavily hit Northeast US. This storm system is set to run through the end of this week.

Read the latest information on this potentially significant weather event.

If you are a drug testing donor and scheduled an appointment at one of our locations, please check ahead using our website: Reopening of closed locations will be based on local conditions. Additionally, it’s important to note that Quest Logistics and FedEx have contingency plans to handle weather-related service disruptions and we monitor how specimen shipments may be impacted.

We are keeping a close eye on the developing weather event headed our way. Trust we are committed to limiting the impact of what winter storm Landon will bring. Thank you for your patience and understanding, we will update you later in the week based on the trajectory and impact of this storm.

As a trusted drug screening provider, we are focused on timely, accurate drug testing.  The delivery, processing, testing, and results reporting of your drug testing remains our highest priority. You can count on our dedication, experience, and resources.

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