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Name That Drug: Seemingly Superhuman
Solve the mystery in the latest edition of the DATIA focus. Give the popular column a read and see if you can “Name That Drug.” Continue reading

By   /  June 23, 2017

Top 10 drug testing tips for HR
A drug screening program helps HR to hire the most talented, drug-free individual for the job. Read our 10 tips to boost your drug testing IQ. Continue reading

By   /  June 16, 2017

Increases in illicit drugs, including cocaine, drive workforce drug positivity to highest rate in 12 years
The Quest Diagnostics Drug Testing Index shows increased positivity for illicit drugs across virtually all specimen types and in all testing groups. Continue reading

By   /  May 16, 2017

Name that Drug: Mother’s Little Helper
The latest edition of “Name that Drug” was written by Amy Gallup, Laboratory Supervisor at Quest Diagnostics. Continue reading

By   /  August 23, 2016

Moving your drug testing program from simple to sophisticated
Consider tapping into these resources as you work to broaden your knowledge, enhance your company’s drug testing program, and build your network. Continue reading

By   /  July 28, 2016

Name that Drug: Taming the Tiger
The latest edition of “Name that Drug” was written by Dr. Steven Sykes, Post-Doctoral Fellow at Quest Diagnostics. Continue reading

By   /  May 13, 2016

Name that Drug: The way you make me feel
DATIA focus features a regular, popular column titled, “Name that Drug." The latest edition was written by Dawn Hahn at Quest Diagnostics. Continue reading

By   /  December 2, 2015

The prescription drug misuse epidemic
While data from the DTI revealed recent positivity rate declines for prescription opiates, the increased misuse continues to be a growing concern. Continue reading

By   /  July 13, 2015

Connect with Quest at DATIA 2015
As a sponsor of this year’s DATIA Conference, we couldn’t be more excited about this gathering of experts from across the drug testing industry. Continue reading

By   /  May 27, 2015