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Reasons for Testing

10 Reasons to Implement a Workplace Drug Testing Program

October 15, 2018 By

Read about the most common reasons employers implement and sustain workplace drug testing programs.

Drug Testing

Ask the experts: what is polydrug use?

February 26, 2018 By

Many people who suffer from substance use disorders abuse more than one drug. The term polydrug use is new, but references a long-standing problem with addiction. Once addicted to one substance, it is very likely users will turn to a cocktail of drugs to satisfy their needs.

International testing

Webinar: Navigating global drug testing

November 10, 2016 By

Quest Diagnostics experts clear the path to creating a successful, drug-free workplace program abroad.

Synthetic drugs

Synthetic drugs: Common questions

July 24, 2015 By

Dr. Kim Samano presented information about synthetic cannabinoids ("K2/Spice") and designer stimulants known as “bath salts” in our recent webinar.

New to Drug Testing

New to drug testing: Complete line of products and services

November 15, 2013 By

Our Complete Line of Drug Testing Solutions brochure highlights all of our products & services which can be used to help build a drug testing program.

Drug Testing

Selecting the optimal drug testing provider

January 27, 2012 By

Your drug testing provider should be a resource that makes it easier for you to administer the process.