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Startling statistics regarding drunk driving

December 10, 2015 By

A report from the CDC reveals that 4.2 million adults age 18 and older admit to driving while impaired within the past 30 days.


National Substance Abuse Prevention Month

October 5, 2015 By

Although we are conscious of the detrimental effects of drugs and alcohol, there is a need for more education to help prevent drug use and abuse.


Curbing drunk driving

August 31, 2015 By

Data from a CDC study revealed that the demographic for drunk drivers is young males with a history of binge drinking.


Alcohol testing

December 19, 2010 By

With the holiday season, parties and New Year's Eve shortly upon us, it seems an appropriate time to examine the topic of alcohol testing.


Alcohol testing specimens

March 17, 2010 By

In workplace drug testing programs, testing for alcohol may be accomplished using a variety of specimen types - urine, saliva, blood and breath.


DOT testing guidelines

August 28, 2009 By

The Department of Transportation publishes a booklet called “What Employers Need to Know About DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing.”