With the holiday season, parties and New Year’s Eve shortly upon us, it seems an appropriate time to examine the topic of alcohol testing. You probably know that Quest Diagnostics offers a broad range of employment safety services but you may not know that we also offer a variety of solutions for alcohol testing.

Alcohol Abuse by the Numbers

The length of time that alcohol will stay in the human body depends largely on the individual’s physical makeup. Generally it remains detectable for between 1 and 12 hours after consumption. According to the American Council for Drug Education, employees who abuse drugs or alcohol are:

• 10 times more likely to miss work
• Nearly four times as likely to be involved in on-the-job accidents
• Five times more likely to file a workers’ compensation claim
• Responsible for 40% of all industrial fatalities
• 33% less productive than co-workers
• At risk for healthcare costs that are three times as high as those of their co-workers

Alcohol Testing Options

At Quest Diagnostics we offer three different alcohol-testing alternatives:

1. The first option is a laboratory-based test. Our lab-based alcohol test can be conducted on both urine and blood specimens.

2. Q.E.D. is a non-invasive, on-site saliva test that provides highly accurate, quantitative results within minutes. It meets federal requirements for alcohol testing and is approved by the Department of Transportation for all screening options.

3. Available in DOT and non-DOT versions, the Instant Breath Alcohol test is a simple-to-use, on-site device that measures alcohol levels from just one deep breath. Easy-to-read indicator crystals change color upon alcohol detection, providing results within two minutes.

For more information about drug testing, visit our website.

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