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National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week

January 20, 2016

The National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week is a national health observance aimed at revealing the truths about drug and alcohol use. Get the facts.


It’s time to revisit your workplace substance abuse policies

October 12, 2015

All workplace drug-testing programs should be a part of a clearly written, and current, policy that complies with relevant federal and state law.

Synthetic drugs

Synthetic drugs: What you need to know

June 22, 2015

Our webinar will provide an overview of synthetic drugs, review trends in usage and patterns and discuss the challenges for a workplace program.

Synthetic drugs

CNN reports on synthetic drugs

December 16, 2014

Media reports tragic accounts of taking synthetic drugs. Quest Diagnostics monitors these ever-changing substances to add to our drug test panels.

Synthetic drugs

National Drug Early Warning System

August 26, 2014

This new system will monitor emerging drug trends that will help health experts identify increasing use of designer synthetic compounds.