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Synthetic drugs

Refining our synthetic cannabinoids panel

April 18, 2016 By

Our experts continually monitor and adjust our drug tests to offer a standardized panel that detects the most relevant synthetic cannabinoids.

Synthetic drugs

Synthetic drugs: Common questions

July 24, 2015 By

Dr. Kim Samano presented information about synthetic cannabinoids ("K2/Spice") and designer stimulants known as “bath salts” in our recent webinar.


Chemicals used in spice/k2 type products now under federal regulation

March 8, 2011 By

Today, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration exercised its emergency scheduling authority to control five chemicals used to make K2 and spice.


Missouri governor signs K2 bill

July 6, 2010 By

Today, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon will sign a bill making K2 a controlled substance, with possession punishable by incarceration or fines.

Synthetic drugs

Herbal incense: K2, spice and synthetic marijuana

June 15, 2010 By

“Herbal incense” has gained increasing media attention of late, as an alternative or “legal high.”