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Implementation of the 2010 HHS mandatory guidelines

September 21, 2010 By

The Division of Workplace Programs (DWP), Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).


U.S. worker use of prescription opiates climbing

September 20, 2010 By

More American workers and job applicants are testing positive for prescription opiates.


DOT 5-panel test nomenclature

September 17, 2010 By

Department of Transportation (DOT) testing at HHS-certified laboratories will continue to be called a 5-panel drug test.


Quest Diagnostics marks seventh year on Dow Jones sustainability index

September 13, 2010 By

Quest Diagnostics Incorporated, the world's leading provider of diagnostic testing, information and services.


Medical marijuana in the news

September 8, 2010 By

Human Resource Executive Online published an article about medical marijuana in the workplace.


HHS/DOT mandatory guidelines & panel changes

September 3, 2010 By

On October 1, 2010, the Department of Health & Human Services' (HHS) new Mandatory Guidelines will take affect.


Positive recommendation

September 1, 2010 By

About six months ago, we switched from that other lab and we haven't had a problem yet.


U.S. department of transportation final rule

August 13, 2010 By

The Department of Transportation is amending certain provisions of its drug testing procedures dealing with laboratory testing of urine specimens.


Medical marijuana and your workplace

July 14, 2010 By

Fourteen states have medical marijuana laws that permit people with legally-obtained prescriptions to use marijuana to treat various illnesses.


Missouri governor signs K2 bill

July 6, 2010 By

Today, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon will sign a bill making K2 a controlled substance, with possession punishable by incarceration or fines.