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Clinical testing

Clinical spotlight: Hepatitis C

October 19, 2017 By

Health officials estimate that one-time testing of all Baby Boomers could prevent more than 120,000 hepatitis C virus-related deaths.

Clinical testing

Zika spotlight: Frequently asked questions

August 9, 2017 By

Information about Zika is plentiful, but can be hard to sift through. For that reason we've distilled it down to some key knowledge points.

Clinical testing

Zika spotlight: How to prevent the spread

July 28, 2017 By

With mosquito season in full swing, we spotlight Zika, educational insights add to preventive efforts to lessening the spread of the virus.

Clinical testing

Zika spotlight: Past, present, and future

July 11, 2017 By

Mosquito season is here and so is the Zika virus. Our spotlight takes look at how this virus went from a “mild” disease to a full blown epidemic.

Clinical testing

Simple and seamless clinical testing

July 7, 2016 By

National clinical testing insights for patients, physicians and employers seeking a simple and robust service platform for decentralized testing needs