Author: Aaron Atkinson

We're There

A drug testing provider you can rely on

October 28, 2015 By

Our commitment to our customers is simple – we want to show that we’re there when you need us. It's our intentional, every day focus.

We're There

Industry support shows We’re There values

April 16, 2013 By

2013 marked the 2nd year in a row that Quest Diagnostics has been sponsor of the Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association (DATIA) Conference.

Oral Fluid testing

Oral-Eze offers superior detection of recent drug use

April 8, 2013 By

Oral fluid drug tests offer superior detection of recent drug use and are minimally invasive, making them more convenient for donors and collectors.

Oral Fluid testing

Test with confidence using Oral-Eze®

June 22, 2012 By

Our webinar, Test with confidence using Oral-Eze, discussed the benefits of oral fluid testing, collections, drug cutoffs and regulatory information.


Cocaine found on 95% of banknotes

September 18, 2009 By

ACS have found traces of cocaine in 95% of banknotes collected in Washington, and 90% from large cities such as Baltimore, Boston and Detroit.


Baby boomers and illicit drug use

September 8, 2009 By

Many American baby boomers are continuing to use illicit drugs as they grow older, causing the rate of illicit drug use to go up.


New Drug Testing ROI Calculator

August 31, 2009 By

Whether or not your company drug tests, it's hard to argue with the fact that employee drug use is bad for business.